Law & Economics journals

Law & Economics is by nature an interdisciplinary subject and hence research papers in Law & Economics can be published in a vast array of journals in economics and law and in few specialised Law & Economics journals.

An absolute measurement of the quality of these journals is impossible due to the heterogeneity of the subject matters, the criteria for publications and the organization of editorial boards. The information below is meant to provide some guidelines on where Law & Economics papers are usually published and on the quality of journals within each field.

Specialized Law & Economics journals

A number of journals are specialized in law & economics. These are peer-review journals.
The Journal of Legal Studies and the Journal of Law and Economics are considered top of the field, followed by Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, which has also a good ranking in general economics. The Journal of Empirical Legal Studies is specialized in the homonymous field of research.
The American Law and Economics Review is the official journal of the American Law and Economics Association; while the Review of Law and Economics is, since 2005, the official journal of the European Association for Law and Economics. Before 2005, its official journal was the International Review of Law and Economics.
Other specialized law & economics journals are the Supreme Court Economic Review, the Journal of Competition Law and Economics, and the European Journal Law and Economics.

Economics journals

A number of economics journals also publish work in law & economics. Economics journals are peer-reviewed. Several official rankings are available. We refer to the ranking made by the Tinbergen Institute, which lists as top of the field American Economic Review, Econometrica, Journal of Finance, Journal of Political Economy, Quarterly Journal of Economics, and Review of Economic Studies.

Law reviews

Law reviews are receptive of work in the field of law & economics especially in the United States. Only a minority of the law reviews is peer-reviewed; the review system usually goes through the editorial board without involvement of anonymous referees. A general ranking is provided by Washington & Lee Law School, which ranks as top of the field Harvard Law Review, Yale Law Journal, Columbia Law Review, New York University Law Review, and Stanford Law Review. Information on different rankings is provided by Washington University Library.

Other fields

Research in Law & Economics is often published in journals specific to other fields of research, which focus on topics that are contiguous to Law & Economics or adopt a similar methodology. Such connections can be established not only with other social sciences, such as political science (the American Political Science Review and the American Journal of Political Science are top of the field) and sociology (the American Sociological Review and the American Journal of Sociology are top of the field) but also with hard sciences, mostly in Science. A ranking of political science and sociology journals is provided by the MIT.

Published by  ACLE

31 January 2014