About the center

The Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics (ACLE) is a joint initiative of the Economics and Law faculties of the University of Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics

The objective of the ACLE is to promote high-quality research in the fields at the interface of law and economics. Located in the heart of Amsterdam’s old city, the ACLE presently associates around twenty scholars in law and economics, ranging from full professors to PhD students.

The directors of ACLE hold the position on a rotating basis: Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci (director), Maarten Pieter Schinkel (co-director) and Arnoud Boot (co-director).

Focus areas

Research at the ACLE is organised in five focus areas. Each focus area deals with a fundamental question in the economic analysis of law. These questions relate to five topics of research that are at the top of the international research agenda and reflect very recent developments in the literature. This selection of five problems at the forefront of research in law & economics embodies the ACLE’s ambition to be part of the international debate in the long term.

The ACLE Research Program 2012-2015 on Regulatory Dynamics focuses on a more specific problem that cuts across these broad focus areas and defines medium-term research goals.

Steering Committee

Starting in 2012, the ACLE will be visited by an international evaluation committee on a regular basis.

Law & Economics journals

Law & Economics is by nature an interdisciplinary subject and hence research papers in Law & Economics can be published in a vast array of journals in economics and law and in few specialized Law & Economics journals. An absolute measurement of the quality of these journals is impossible due to the heterogeneity of the subject matters, the criteria for publications and the organization of editorial boards. The information below is meant to provide some guidelines on where Law & Economics papers are usually published and on the quality of journals within each field.


The ACLE publishes a digital newsletter with information on ACLE-events and seminars on a regular basis.

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7 July 2014