Forthcoming publications 2015

The list below covers upcoming ACLE publications in international academic journals and other print media.

Articles in international journals

Bouterse, J. & Karstens, B. (forthcoming). A Diversity of Divisions: Tracing the History of the Demarcation between the Sciences and the Humanities. Forthcoming  in Isis.

Bremzen, A., Khokhlova, E., Suvurov, A. & Ven, J., van de, (forthcoming). Bad News: An Experimental Study On The Informational Effects Of Rewards. Forthcoming in Review of Economics and Statistics.

Dalla Pellegrina, L., Saraceno, M. & Suardi, M. (forthcoming). Migration policy: An Assessment on the North Africa Emergency Provisions. Forthcoming in Procedia Economics and Finance.

Dari-Mattiacci, G. & Guerriero, C. (forthcoming). Law and Culture: A Theory of Comparative Variation in Bona Fide Purchase Rules. Forthcoming in Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, 35(3).

Dari-Mattiacci, G., Lovat, B. & Parisi, F. (forthcoming). Loss Sharing Between Non-Negligent Parties. Forthcoming in Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics.

Guerriero, C. (forthcoming). Endogenous Legal Traditions and Economic Outcomes. Forthcoming in the Journal of Comparative Economics.

Moor-van Vugt, A.J.C. de & Schouten, L. (forthcoming). De onafhankelijkheid van de Autoriteit Consument en Mark. Forthcoming in SEW Tijdschrift voor Europees en economisch recht.

Moor-van Vugt, A.J.C. de (forthcoming). Noot bij Afdeling bestuursrechtspraak 9 juli 2014, zaken 201208190/1/A3 (ECL:NL:RVS:2014:2495, zaak Harmsen C-341/14, ook gepubliceerd in JB 2014, 197, met noot M. Kullmann) en 201300761/1/A3 (ECLI:NL:RVS:2014:2488, zaak Trijber C-340/14). Forthcoming in SEW Tijdschrift voor Europees en economisch recht, 2015/1.


Books chapters or contributions to books

Abatino (forthcoming). Gallicismi e franco-latinismi nella traduzione di Francesco Foramiti. In Mantovani D., Padoa Schioppa A. (eds.), Interpretare il Digesto. Storia e metodi (IUSS press, Pavia 2014: IUSS Press.

Dalla Pellegrina, L., Saraceno, M. & Suardi, M. (forthcoming). Migration Regulation: The Displacement Effects of Emergency Rules. Evidence from the Legal Advice Service of Casa della Carità. Forthcoming in Ravazzini S.. & Saraceno, M.. (eds.), Annuario SOUQ 2014, Milano: Il Saggiatore.

Dari-Mattiacci, G., Langlais, E., Lovat, B. & Parisi, F. (forthcoming). Asymmetries in Rent-Seeking. Forthcoming in Congleton, R.D. & Hillman, A.L. (eds.), Companion to Political Economy of Rent Seeking, Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA, USA: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Dari-Mattiacci, G. (forthcoming). The Economic Perspective: Demand and Supply in the Reduction of Transaction Costs in the Ancient World. Forthcoming in Yiftach-Firanko, U., Kehoe, D.P. & Ratzan, D.M. (eds.), Law and Transaction Costs in the Ancient Economy, Ann Arbor (MI): Michigan University Press.

Dari-Mattiacci, G. & Parisi, F. (forthcoming). Liability Rules: An Economic Taxonomy. Forthcoming in Bussani, M. & Sebok, A. (eds.), Comparative Tort Law, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Kockelkoren, Th. & Moor-van Vugt, A.J.C. de (forthcoming). Hoofdstuk 9 AFM. Forthcoming in Muller, E.R. et al.. (eds.), Handboek Toezicht.

Published by  ACLE

16 April 2015