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The leading corporate governance issue today concerns the appropriate design of a legal, institutional and regulatory framework that helps to align the interests of shareholders and managers. Policymakers worldwide have looked to devise an effective framework that supplies proper incentives for the board and management to act in the interest of the company and its shareholders; and furnish investors with sufficient monitoring information. The conference will examine, based on comparative evidence, which efficient combinations of internal and external mechanisms can be employed to address the costly contracting and governance problems of the publicly listed firm. Speakers will consider which arrangements are likely to enhance firm performance. The conference will also examine the importance of creating effective measures for closely held companies. To date, regulators have mostly concentrated their energies on creating codes of conduct and other mechanisms to develop a good system of corporate governance for listed companies. The conference will consider which type of corporate governance framework is needed to protect investors and the performance of non-listed companies.

Detail Summary
Date 15 September 2005
Time 15:00 - 18:00