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Venue: room A0.08. Faculty of Law, Oudemanhuispoort. Title: "The uneasy relationship between the EU's environmental and economic policies, and the role of the CJEU". Informal lunch and discussion from 12.30 on.

Event details of ACLE Competition & Regulation Seminar: Suzanne Kingston (University College Dublin)
Date 7 December 2015
Time 11:00 -13:00
Room Oudemanhuispoort 2-4 (Building A) - A0.08


This paper considers the constitutional imperative to integrate environmental protection requirements into the EU's economic policies, and examines how this has been operationalized in practice. It argues that, compared to the other EU institutions, the CJEU has continued to demonstrate leadership in giving effect to the integration imperative in the economic context. This is evidenced by a raft of recent judgments on the environment and economic interface, which in turn are coming before the Court due to the popularity, at Member State and EU levels, of market-based environmental instruments. Overall, the CJEU has shown itself to be a constitutionalist actor which is serious about the requirement to achieve real, substantive integration of environmental protection requirements into the EU’s economic policies, as required by Article 11 TFEU.  


Room Oudemanhuispoort 2-4 (Building A) - A0.08

Oudemanhuispoort 4-6
1012 CN Amsterdam