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This year the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has awarded the Nobel Prize to Jean Tirole "for his analysis of market power and regulation". On 8 December Jean Tirole will deliver his Nobel Lecture. On 10 December the official award ceremony will take place. In between, on the afternoon of Tuesday 9 December, ACLE, TILEC and ACM organize a symposium on the influence of Jean Tirole’s work on economics as a science and its applications in the regulation of markets.

Event details of Symposium in Honour of Jean Tirole
Date 9 December 2014
Time 12:30 -17:00

Programme on 9 December 2014 

Chair: Henk Don (ACM)

12:30-12:45 Opening – Jarig van Sinderen (ACM)

12:45-13:40 Procurement and Investments

Gijsbert Zwart (University of Groningen) – Optimal Procurement and Investment in New Technologies under Uncertainty;

Bert Tieben (SEO Economic Research) – Merchant Investment and Wind at Sea.

13:40-14:15 Two-Sided Markets

Tobias Klein (Tilburg University - TILEC) – Competition Policy in Two-Sided Markets (with Lapo Filistrucchi);

Bo Hu (Tinbergen Institute) – Market-Making Middlemen (with Pieter Gautier and  Makoto Watanabe).

14:15-14:30 Break

14.30-15.15 Round-Table on Competition and Regulation

Eric van Damme (Tilburg University – TILEC) – Deterring Violations of Corporate Crime (with Cedric Argenton);

Paul Nillesen (PwC) – Negotiated Settlements: The Dutch Case?;

Maarten Pieter Schinkel (University of Amsterdam – ACLE) –Discretionary Authority and Prioritizing in Government Agencies(with Lukás Tóth and Jan Tuinstra);

Jan Kees Winters (RBB Economics) – Telecom Regulation and ACM's Recent Draft Local Loop Decision: Collective Dominance in the Spotlights (again) (with Matthijs Visser);

Arnoud Boot (University of Amsterdam – ACLE) – Prudential Regulation and Competition in the Financial Sector .

15:15-15:50 Networks

Florian Schütt (Tilburg University) – Net Neutrality and Inflation of Traffic;

Bert Willems (Tilburg University – TILEC) – Optimal Regulation of Network Expansion (with Gijsbert Zwart).

15:50 – 16:05 Break 

16:05 – 17:00 Miscellaneous

Jaap Abbring (Tilburg University) – Dynamic Oligopoly Models and Empirical IO;

Jan Bouckaert (University of Antwerp) – Horizontal Subcontracting and Intermittent Power Generation (with Geert van Moer);

Michiel Bijlsma (CPB) – Competition for Traders and Risk;

17:00 – Closing Drinks



Registration is required and possible till 4 December. Please send an e-mail to

Practical Information

  • Walk-in lunch from 12:00. Start program at 12:30
  • Venue: Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM), Muzenstraat 41, 2511 WB  The Hague
  • Bring a VALID ID (!)