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Faculty of Law 12:00-14:00 Room A009

Detail Summary
Date 11 April 2006
Time 12:00 - 14:00


Explore interdisciplinary synergies between the various research activities (papers, courses, seminars, etc.) at the law faculty and economics research.

Most areas of the law from intellectual property to international law, from contracts to environmental liability, from harmonization of law to criminal law, from corporate governance to market regulation, arbitration and litigation have lately been enriched with insights form economic theory.

What can we make of these developments? How can economics help develop further interdisciplinary legal scholarship? What directions should law and economics research take?

Target audience

Law faculty members involved in research at various levels and on any topic.


The discussion will be introduced by Nuno Garoupa (Professor of Law and Economics at Univesidad Nova, Lisbon & Visiting Professor at Amsterdam Center for Law and Economics) and Gerrit De Geest (Professor of Law and Economics at Utrecht School of Economics). They will shed some light on the development of law and economics in the United States and in Europe in the last forty years.

The discussion will then be broadened to include:

  • Synergies between legal scholarship and economics
  • Topics of interest for future research
  • Possible common activities
  • Seminars, workshops, visiting faculty
  • Research training of PhD students and junior faculty
  • Guest lectures in existing courses


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