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The third annual meeting of the Society for Environmental Law and Economics will be held on June 24 and 25, 2011, at the University of Amsterdam in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The meeting is sponsored by the Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics and the Amsterdam Center for Environmental Law and Sustainability.

Detail Summary
Start date 24 June 2011
End date 25 June 2011
Time 09:00


Just as environmental problems tend to run across artificial political boundaries, the Society for Environmental Law and Economics (SELE) is, as the name implies, a truly interdisciplinary organization bringing together legal scholars, economists, and interested researchers in other fields to address important environmental issues that inevitably cut across artificial disciplinary boundaries. SELE includes economists, legal scholars, and other scientists among its members, and we encourage broad participation from all relevant fields of study.

We hope to build upon the great success of past meetings, and continue to build a community of environmental scholars interested in working in the intersection of law, economics, and environmental or natural resource issues.

In the spirit of collegiality, the meeting will take place in a workshop format, in which all sessions will be plenary. We strongly encourage all attendees to attend all presentations.

Paper Submission Procedure CLOSED

The deadline for paper submission was November 1, 2010.   

Conference Program

For the program, click on the link below.

Conference Papers

Papers (or abstracts) are available for downloading via the links below.

Paper Casado-Pérez

Imperfect Water Markets Aiming to Efficiency

Paper Chang, Chiung Ting

Lost Highway: Controversy over the Geology Act in Taiwan

Paper Chang, Howard F. (with Sigman)

The Effect of Allowing Pollution Offsets With Imperfect Enforcement

Paper Dana

Conditional Liability Relief as an Incentive for Precautionary Study

Paper Hsu

A Prediction Market for Climate Outcomes

Paper Krutilla (with Krause)

Transaction Costs and Environmental Policy: An Assessment Framework and Literature Review

Paper Laitos

A Legal-Economic History of Resource Use and Nonuse

Paper Leung (with Panzone and Swanson)

How do Nudges Work? 
Designing Instruments to Guide Consumers Towards "What They Want to Achieve"

Paper Loeb

Our Doctrinal Disability: How Pollution Control Efforts Are Handicapped by Theory

Paper Nash

The Cathedral of Transition Relief in Environmental Law

Paper Perez

Motivating Environmental Action in a Pluralistic Regulatory Environment

Paper Roberts

Innovations in Governance: A Functional Typology of Private Governance Institutions

Paper Sigman

Decentralization and Environmental Quality: An International Analysis of Water Pollution

Paper Stavang

Two challenges for the ECJ when examining the Enviromental Liability Directive

Paper Tellez (with Pat and Quintanilla)

A Wavelets Approach of CO2-GDP Relation in the NAFTA Zone

Paper Trevisanut (with Bonfanti)

Intellectual Property Rights beyond National Jurisdiction: Outlining a Regime for Patenting Products based on Marine Genetic Resources of the Deep-Sea Bed and High Seas

Paper Woerdman (with Andries Nentjes)

The European Union Emissions Trading Hybrid: Inefficiencies in the Revised Rules after 2013

Registration - NOW OPEN

(Deadline for Registration: June 17, 2011)


To register for the conference, please follow the instructions on the registration form available through the link below and return to

There is no conference fee but payment is requested for non-speakers who wish to attend the lunches and dinner.

Costs are as follows:

  • Lunch on Friday: 10 EUR
  • Lunch on Friday and Saturday: 15 EUR
  • Lunch on Friday and/or Saturday and Dinner on Friday: 45 EUR.
  • Payment details will be provided with the confirmation of your registration.


The conference takes place in the University of Amsterdam, Doelenzaal of the Central Library.
University of Amsterdam: Doelenzaal. Singel 425 (University Library entrance).  For a map, see below.
Parking space in the Doelenzaal area is sparse.

The venue (as well as the hotels) is a 15 minute walk from Central Station and about 5 minutes from the conference hotel.

Trams take just as much time (single ticker: 2.60 Euro).
Take Tram 2 & 5 (stop at Spui); Tram 4, 9, 16, 20, 24 & 25 (stop at Muntplein).

Do not take a taxi from Central Station: drivers are often rude, unreliable and may refuse to take short trips.

Public transport is cheap, reliable and Schiphol airport is close to the city (around 20 minutes).
Single tickets are 3.80 euro. Taxis from the airport should not charge more than 35 euros.

Organizing Committee

Daniel H. Cole
R. Bruce Townsend Professor of Law, Indiana University School of Law

Shi-Ling Hsu
Associate Professor, University of British Columbia Faculty of Law

Jonathan R. Nash
Professor, Emory University School of Law

Josephine van Zeben
Hauser Global Research Fellow 2010-11, New York University School of Law; PhD candidate, University of Amsterdam

Richard O. Zerbe
Daniel J. Evans Distinguished Professor of Public Policy, Evans School of Public Affairs, University of Washington


For questions or inquiries, please contact Josephine van Zeben (