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Invited speakers: Gillian Hadfield (University of Southern Law School), Avi Tabbach (Tel Aviv University), Francesco Passarelli (Bocconi University), Arnoud Boot (University of Amsterdam)

Event details of ACLE Winter Workshop, 13 December 2011
Date 13 December 2011
Time 09:00 -13:00


9:00 – 9:15

Introduction: Carmine Guerriero (UvA).


The Legal System and Its Institutions:

Gillian Hadfield (Un. of Southern California): “Law without Coercion: Examining the Role of Law in Coordinating Collective Punishment.” (Joint with: Barry R. Weingast, Stanford University).

Discussant: Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci (UvA).

Avi Tabbach (Tel Aviv University): “Optimal Liability for Multiple Injurers and/or Volunteers.

Discussant: Jeroen Van de Ven (UvA).


Coffee break


The Financial System and Its Institutions:

Francesco Passarelli (Bocconi University): “Financial Systemic Risk: Taxation or Regulation?” (joint with: Donato Masciandaro, Bocconi University).

Discussant: Carmine Guerriero (UvA).

Arnoud Boot (UvA): “Banking at the Cross Roads: How to Deal with Marketability and Complexity?”

Discussant: Francesco Passarelli (Bocconi University).

12:50 – 13:00

Conclusions: Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci (UvA).

Format: To each paper are assigned 50 minutes—i.e., 35 of presentation, 5 of discussion, and 10 for the floor.


You can find the program and all papers via the links below.


Library of the University Singel 425 1012 WP  Amsterdam Room: C0.07 Doelenzaal