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Invited speakers: Gillian Hadfield (University of Southern Law School), Avi Tabbach (Tel Aviv University), Francesco Passarelli (Bocconi University), Arnoud Boot (University of Amsterdam)

Detail Summary
Date 13 December 2011
Time 09:00 - 13:00


9:00 – 9:15

Introduction: Carmine Guerriero (UvA).


The Legal System and Its Institutions:

Gillian Hadfield (Un. of Southern California): “Law without Coercion: Examining the Role of Law in Coordinating Collective Punishment.” (Joint with: Barry R. Weingast, Stanford University).

Discussant: Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci (UvA).

Avi Tabbach (Tel Aviv University): “Optimal Liability for Multiple Injurers and/or Volunteers.

Discussant: Jeroen Van de Ven (UvA).


Coffee break


The Financial System and Its Institutions:

Francesco Passarelli (Bocconi University): “Financial Systemic Risk: Taxation or Regulation?” (joint with: Donato Masciandaro, Bocconi University).

Discussant: Carmine Guerriero (UvA).

Arnoud Boot (UvA): “Banking at the Cross Roads: How to Deal with Marketability and Complexity?”

Discussant: Francesco Passarelli (Bocconi University).

12:50 – 13:00

Conclusions: Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci (UvA).

Format: To each paper are assigned 50 minutes—i.e., 35 of presentation, 5 of discussion, and 10 for the floor.


You can find the program and all papers via the links below.


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