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After 8 years of chairing the Royal Netherlands Economic Association (from 2006-2014) prof. Arnoud Boot (ACLE/University of Amsterdam) was appointed an honorary member of the association on 12 December 2014.

Under his guidance the association actively helped shape public and economic policy debate by organising many interesting activities and by inviting many leading economists (among them a Nobel Prize winner) from abroad, including Larry Summers, Robert Shiller, Carmen Reinhart and Stanley Fisher. Other activities included compiling and publishing the Preadviezen and a Jaarboek, both influential annual publications with contributions from economists on current and relevant national economic issues. The association's membership has increased over the years. In 2009 Arnoud Boot was awarded the Pierson medal by the Association. Bas Jacobs (Erasmus University Rotterdam) will take up the position vacated by Arnoud Boot.