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Research & publications


2010-2014, Benjamin van Rooij

Legal Empowerment of Pollution Victims in China, Indonesia, and Taiwan

The project studies how legal empowerment can help victims in China and Indonesia to invoke their rights against pollution. It attempts both to develop a sound grounded theory of "legal empowerment" a concept that dominates current legal development practices, as well as find ways to improve the protection of citizens confronted with pollution. Local research will be carried out at the Huai river in China and at the Siak river in Indonesia.

This is a joint project with Leiden University, Diponegoro University in Indonesia, China University of Politics and Law, University of North Sumatra, Wuhan University, and the Indonesian Centre for Environmental Law. The project is funded by the NWO-WOTRO integrated programmes scheme, and coordinated from the Centre in Amsterdam.

This project falls under NCLC Line of Research no. 1, 3 and 5.