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ACLE Research Associates

Research Associates are UvA and non-UvA researchers who participate in the ACLE activities, but do not necessarily promote one of its projects in a proactive manner.

University of Amsterdam

Dr. N.J. (Nik) de Boer

Dr. A. Dávola 

Prof. dr. W. (Wim) Driehuis

A. (Ádám) Feher - ACLE PhD candidate

V. (Valeria) Ferrari - PhD candidate at UvA's IViR

Prof. dr. A.A.H. (Aukje) van Hoek 

N. (Nicolien) Janssens - ACLE research assistant here

F. (Fatjon) Kaja - ACLE PhD candidate

M. (Maryam) Malakotipour - ACLE PhD candidate

Prof. dr. M.G.C.M. (Marcel) Peeters

Dr. J. (Joost) Poort

Prof. dr. B. (Benjamin) van Rooij

Dr. M.C. (Michael) Schouten

O. (Oscar) Soons - PhD candidate at UvA's Finance Group

A. (Andrea) Titton - ACLE research assistant here

X. (Xinyi) Wang - ACLE research assistant here and PhD candidate at TI/FEB  

Prof. dr. M. (Marc) de Wilde

Prof. dr. R.G.F. (Radboud) Winkels

FGV Direito SP

Dr. M. Pargendler

Dr. S. Mittlaender

Goethe Universität

Prof. dr. T.H. (Tobias) Tröger

University of Leeds

Dr. O. (Or) Brook

Leiden University

Dr. R. (Ross) Spence

Prof. dr. J.L. (Jan) van de Streek

KU Leuven

Prof. dr. P. (Patrick) van Cayseele

Aarhus University 

Dr. M. (Marco) Fabbri

Tilburg University

Prof. dr. J.A. (Joseph) McCahery

Prof. dr. C. (Christoph) van der Elst

Dr. A. (Anne) Lafarre

Prof. dr. E.P.M. (Erik) Vermeulen

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU)

Dr. E. (Edith) Loozen


Note: Most associates may have many additional titles, but only the Dutch titles of "prof." and "dr." are mentioned here.