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Law & Finance (LLM)
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* The information on this website is valid for the current academic year and may change for next year. In May the course catalogue is updated for the next academic year.

The programme has the ambition to set a new and higher standard for what may be expected of financial lawyers, and therefore makes no concessions in its economics curriculum, which includes courses on financial and corporate law and regulation. The relevant subjects will be studied from a combined financial-legal perspective. Students will therefore be taught to think and practice in a thoroughly interdisciplinary manner.

Educational plan: Due to the measures related to the Covid-19 virus outbreak, we are currently offering “hybrid education” (i.e. on-campus and simultaneously online) for most courses and online education for some courses. Currently, most to all students attend the lectures live on campus. For the tutorials, due to space limitations, we work with rotation schedules to allow live on-campus tutorial attendance of approx. 15 students per time while the remaining students attend the same tutorial online simultaneously. In the MLF programme, attendance of all lectures and tutorials (on-site, when given this opportunity, or online) is required at all times.

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