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The Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics is looking for a Postdoctoral Fellow in Empirical Legal Studies. Applications can be sent until May 1st.

Information on the center

The Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics (ACLE) promotes high-quality research in the fields at the interface of law and economics. Located in the heart of Amsterdam’s old city, the ACLE presently associates several scholars in law, economics and finance, ranging from full professors to PhD candidates. The ACLE is a joint initiative of the Law Faculty and the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Amsterdam.

The Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) at the UvA provides academic courses in Economics and Business, Actuarial Sciences, Econometrics & Operations Research, Fiscal Economics, and a variety of post-doctoral courses. The Faculty also conducts research programs in many specialist areas and employs about 400 people. The FEB has an internationally acclaimed profile and is located in the heart of Amsterdam. The FEB consists of the Amsterdam Business School (ABS) and the Amsterdam School of Economics (ASE), both of which actively participate in the teaching and research activities of the Tinbergen Institute. The FEB includes the Center for Research in Experimental Economics and Political Decision-making (CREED), with a state-of the-art experimental laboratory, a research program in Genoeconomics and a Big-Data initiative (the Bid Data Alliance).

The ACLE offices are in the Amsterdam Business School, next to the Finance Group. The Finance Group at the University of Amsterdam is one of the top research-oriented finance departments in Europe. It has an outstanding group of academics researching in finance and is very internationally oriented. The Finance Group runs an intense academic seminar series with prominent speakers from top international universities. It also has a very active program of visitors and international conferences every year, thanks to strong links to the US, where many staff members have studied or taught previously, and Europe, where the Group participates in several top research networks.

The ACLE is also part of the Faculty of Law. The Faculty of Law (FdR) at the UvA offers a broad choice of study programs. Alongside its bachelor’s programs in General Law and Tax Law, the faculty offers 11 master’s programs. Offerings include classical programs in private and public law, English-language programs and a number of programs unique to the Netherlands housed within the Faculty’s research institute. The Faculty of Law prides itself on integrating international law across the faculty’s entire curriculum, not only in the international law master’s programs. Attention given to meta-legal aspects of law also distinguishes a UvA legal education. Professors may integrate sociology, economics, history or philosophy into traditional courses like labor law, contract law, constitutional and administrative law. This integration gives students a broader perspective on the law itself.

Project description

Research is expected to be aimed at international top journals, in line with, but not exclusively, the research fellow criteria of the Tinbergen Institute. Publications in top law and law & economics journals will also be especially valued. Teaching will be confined to one semester per year and will not exceed two days per week. Possibly it will be more limited than that. The exact teaching load will be determined depending on the needs of the Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics or of the Finance Group.

Although the main focus will be research, the candidate is also expected to take a leading role in the organization of the seminars and workshops series of the ACLE and the Conference on Empirical Legal Studies in Europe. The candidate will also be expected to work towards strengthening the ties between the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Economics through the organization of one or two methodological workshops at the law school. Interaction with other research groups at the Faculty of Economics will be particularly encouraged.