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Research Assistants

Human(e) AI grant research assistants

The following ACLE research assistants work under the Human(e) AI grant research project "Collective decisions in Law and Economics: A computational perspective".

Other research assistants

In the Academic Year of 2021-2022 (April - July 2022), Lena Tautscher and Melek Redzheb of the Master in Law & Finance programme (MLF) were Academic Excellence Track (AcET) research interns at the ACLE . 

Lena Tautscher assisted Professor Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci on his research projects "Blockchain and Property" and "Expert Courts". Melek Redzheb assisted Prof. Dari-Mattiacci on his research project “Blockchain and property”. Currently, Redzheb continues to be a Student and Research Assistant with the MLF and ACLE.  

In the Academic Year of 2020-2021 (April - July 2021), Luís Amaro de Oliveira Jorge Mendes and Simone Spijkerman of the Master in Law & Finance programme were AcET research interns at the ACLE.