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Conference Presentations 9th C&R Meeting 2013

Presentations at the 9th annual Competition & Regulation Meeting on the topic:

The Interest-Defense in Cartel Offenses

The presentations available are listed per session:

  • Key note speakers
  • Perspectives
  • Cases
  • Weighing public interests
  • Parallels with other fields

Giorgio Monti (European University Institute):

EU Competition Law and the Public Interest

Key note presentation

Presentation Giorgio Monti

Gareth D. Myles (University of Exeter):

The Economics of Valuing Public Interests

Key note presention

Presentation Gareth Myles

Ludger Breuer (Oberlandesgericht):

European Competition Law in the Force Field of the Cross-Sectional Clauses 

Conference session Perspectives

Presentation Ludger Breuer

Laurens Ankersmit (VU Free University Amsterdam):

Anti-Competitive Conduct in the Public Interest: A Democratic Legitimacy Approach

Conference session Perspectives

Presentation Laurens Ankersmit

Xu Liu (University of Heidelberg):

The Public Interest - Defense in Cartel Offenses and Chinese Antimonopoly Law

Conference session Cases

Presentation Xu Liu

Nicole Rosenboom (SEO Economic Research):

How does article 101(3) TFEU case law relate to EC guidelines and the welfare perspective?

Conference session Weighing public interest

Presentation Nicole Rosenboom

Anna Gerbrandy (Utrecht University):

Democratic Deliberation: Design of the Competition Law Procedure to Accomodate a Balancing Between Sustainability and Competition Law (with Jan Polanski)

Conference session Weighing public interest

Presentation Anna Gerbrandy

Lukás Tóth (University of Amsterdam):

Public Goods as a Compensation in Cartel Offenses (joint with Maarten Pieter Schinkel)

Conference session Weighing public interest

Presentation Lukás Tóth

Bruce Wardhaugh (Queen's University Belfast):

Crisis Cartels: "Orderly" Downsizing and the Public Interest

Conference session Parallels with other fields 

Presentation Bruce Wardhaugh

David Reader (University of East Anglia):

Lessons from the Management of Public Interest Considerations in International Merger Control: A Comparative Analysis

Conference session Parallels with other field

Presentation David Reader