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Competition & Regulation Meetings (2005-2013)

Martin Carree (University of Maastricht)

European Antitrust Policy 1957-2004: An Analysis of Commission Decisions

Cento Veljanovski (University of London)

European Commission Cartel Prosecutions and Fines, 1998-2007: A Statistical Analysis

Zafeira Kastrinaki (University of Warwick)

Does EC Balance Efficiency Gains against Anticompetitive Effects of Horizontal Mergers?

Peter L. Ormosi (University of East Anglia)

Merger Remedies versus Efficiency Defence: Does the Current Merger Remedy Practice Create a Disincentive to Reveal Efficiencies?

Ela Glowicka (European Commission)

Political Economics of Bailouts

Beatrice Dumont (Université de Rennes)

Making European Merger Policy More Predictable: An Ordered Discrete Choice Analysis

Jo Seldeslachts (WZB)

Settle for Now but Block for Tomorrow: The Deterrence Effects of Merger Policy Tools

Eline Poelmans (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)

Agreements and Concentrations' in the ECSC Countries between 1952 and 1967: Data Issues

Oindrila De (University of East Anglia)

Quantifying Cartel formation and Cartel Success Using DG Comp Case Reports: Preliminary Evidence

Andreea Cosnita (Université Paris X Nanterre)

Settlement in Merger Cases: Remedies and Litigation

Bruce Lyons (University of East Anglia)

An Econometric Test of Bargaining Theory: Early Agreement of Remedies in EC Merger Regulation

Andreas Stephan (The Norwich Law School)

An Empirical Assessment of the European Leniency Notice

Christopher Harding (Aberystwyth University)

Cartel Recidivists

Francesco Russo (Bonelli Erede & Pappalardo)

European Commission Decisions on Competition: Landmark Antitrust and Merger Cases from an Economic Point of View (book presentation)

Matt Olzcak (University of East Anglia)

Assessing the Efficacy of Structural Merger Remedies: Choosing Between Theories of Harm?

Tomaso Duso (Humboldt University Berlin)

How Effective is European Merger Control?

Jacqueline Riffault-Silk (Cour de Cassation)

Recent Developments of Supreme and Appeal Courts Jurisdictional Control of Competition Decisions (2005-2007)

Andrea Günster (Maastricht University)

European Antitrust Policy: An Analysis of Court of Appeal Rulings in the EU, 1957-2000