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ACLE publications from 2012 can be found in the list below.

Articles in international journals

Abatino, B. (2012). Interpretare il Digesto. Storia e metodi, Zeitschrift für Savigny Stiftung 129, pp. 588-592.

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Rooij, B. van (2012). Zhifa Queshi Kunjingzhong De Lvse Gongye, Dui Shijie Yinhang De Fazhanzhongguojia Wuran Jianguan Moshi Zhi Pingqian (Greening Industry without Enforcement, a Critical Look at the World Bank Model for Pollution Regulation in Developing Countries), Dongfang Faxue.

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Zeben, J.A.W. van0 (2012). Marktconforme regulering binnen het nieuwe instrumentarium van de Omgevingswet – Een rechtseconomische beschouwing van het Europese handelssysteem in broeikasgasemissierechten, Tijdschrift voor Omgevingsrecht, 4.

Books and contributions to books

Abatino, B. (2012). Alle radici delle obbligazioni generiche. Le emptiones venditiones di res quae pondere numero mensura constant. Riflessione dei giuristi e prassi, Naples: ESI.

Abatino, B. (2012). L’emptio venditio di res quae pondere numero mensura constant. Princìpi, giuristi, prassi. Naples: Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane, p. 24-236.

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