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ACLE publications from 2013 can be found in the list below.

Articles in international journals

Abatino, B. (2013). Affaire Vignali, Index 41. International Roman Law Survey, p. 526-542.

Abatino, B. (2013). Le belles infidèles e i Digesta traditi. In aversione ed emptio pondere numero mensura emere nelle traduzioni ottocentesche del Corpus juris civilis, Revue Internationale des Droits de l'Antiquité, 59, p. 217-241.

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Cseres, K.J. & Balogh, V. (2013). Institutional Design in Hungary: A Case Study of the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive, Journal of Consumer Policy, 361, p. 343–365.

Dari-Mattiacci, G. (2013). Slavery and Information, Journal of Economic History, 73 (1), p. 79-116.

Dari-Mattiacci, G. & Hendriks, E.S. (2013). Relative Fault and Efficient Negligence: Comparative Negligence Explained, Review of Law and Economics, 9 (1), p. 1-40.

Dari-Mattiacci, G. & Geest, G. de (2013). The Rise of Carrots and the Decline of Sticks, University of Chicago Law Review, 80 (1), p. 341-392.

Guerriero, C. (2013). The Political Economy of Incentive Regulation: Theory and Evidence from US States, Journal of Comparative Economics, 41, p. 91-107.

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Lavrijssen, S.A.C.M. (2013). Opportunities in EU Case Law for Achieving Dutch Sustainable Energy Targets: It's up to the Netherlands to Seize them, Utilities Law Review, 19 (6).

Lavrijssen, S.A.C.M. (2013). Regulating and supervising of wholesale energy markets. What’s in it for the consumers? In Oil, Gas & Energy Law Intelligence, 11(5), October, pp. 1-36.

Rizzolli, M. & Saraceno, M. (2013). Better that ten guilty persons escape: punishment costs explain the standard of evidence, Public Choice 155 (3-4), p. 395-411, (available on-line from 2011).

Rooij, B. van, Fryxell, G.E., Lo, G.W.H. & Wang, W. (2013). From Support to Pressure: The Dynamics of Social and Governmental Influences on Environmental Law Enforcement in Guangzhou City, China, Regulation & Governance 7 (3), p. 321-347.

Tabbach, A.D. (2013). Crime, Punishment and Taks, Review of Law and Economics, 9 (1), p. 1-27.

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Books chapters and contributions to books

Abatino, B. (2013). Giovanni Vignali. In: Cortese, E., Birocchi, I., Mattone, A. & Miletti, M. (eds.), 2 Dizionario biografico dei giuristi italiani, Bologna: Il Mulino, p. 2047-2048.

Abatino, B. (2013). Scelte lessicali e modelli culturali: «insolvibilità» ed «insolvibile» nelle traduzioni preunitarie dei Digesta giustinianei. In: Cascione C., Masi Doria C., & Merola G.D. (eds.), Modelli di un multiculturalismo giuridico: il bilinguismo nel mondo antico. Diritto, prassi, insegnamento, Napoli: Editoriale Scientifica, p. 915-939.

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Cseres, K.J. & Szilágyi, P. (2013). The Hungarian Car Insurance Cartel Saga. In: Barry, R. (ed.), Landmark Cases in Competition Law - Around the World in Fourteen Stories, Kluwer Law International, p. 145-166.

Cseres, K.J. & Schrauwen, A. (2013). Empowering consumer-citizens: changing rights or merely discourse? In: Schiek, D., The EU Social and Economic Model After the Global Crisis: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Farnham: Ashgate, p. 117-139.

Cseres, K.J. (2013). Együtt vagy külön: Intézményi megoldások a fogyasztóvédelem és a versenyjog területén (Integrate or separate: institutional solutions on the public enforcement of competition law and consumer protection). In: Valentiny, P., Kiss, F. L. & Nagy, C.I. (eds.), Verseny és szabályozás, p. 61-96.

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Moor-van Vugt, A.J.C. de (2013). Administrative sanctions in EU law. In: Jansen, O.J.D.M.L. (ed.). Administrative Sanctions in the European Union, Brussel Intersentia, ISBN 978-1-78068-136-8, p. 607-639.