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Conference Papers 7th C&R Meeting 2011

Competition & Regulation Meetings (2005-2013)

Papers 7th annual Competition & Regulation Meeting on the topic:
Competition Policy for Emerging Economies: When and How?

Michal Gal (University of Haifa)

Keynote speaker Michal Gal based her presentation "Transplant of Competition Laws – Who Benefits?" on the papers mentioned in the links below.

Vasanth Adithya (Nathan Economic Consulting, India)

Paku Khan (Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A. Shroff), Harman Sandhu (Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A. Shroff), Ram Tamara (Nathan Economic Consulting, India) and Vasanth Adithya (Nathan Economic Consulting, India): Usage of Efficiency Tests in Assessing Competitive Effects of Joint Ventures - Case for India

Svetlana Avdasheva (Higher School of Economics, Moscow)

Svetlana Avdasheva (Higher School of Economics, Moscow) and Andrei Shastitka (Higher School of Economics, Moscow): Antitrust Legislation in Russia: Recent Trends, Achievements and Threats

Peter van Bergeijk (Erasmus University)

Pierrette Gaasbeek (Erasmus University) and Peter van Bergeijk (Erasmus University): Chinese Competition: Do We Need a New Competition Policy Regime?

Marco Botta (European University Institute)

Marco Botta (European University Institute): The Definition of the Relevant Market and the Degree of Market Concentration in the Emerging Economies: Case Study on Brazil and Argentina

Anca Chirita (Saarland University)

Anca Chirita (Saarland University): Competition Law, Policy, and Enforcement: The Experience of Romania

Kati Cseres (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

Kati Cseres (Universiteit van Amsterdam): Institutional design for the enforcement of competition law in the CEEC's

Avinash Dadhich (Bangor University)

Avinash Dadhich (Bangor University): Evolution of Competition Law in India: Need for a Unique Approach

Wei Dan (University of Macau)

Wei Dan (University of Macau): China's Anti-Monopoly Law and Its Merger Enforcement: Convergence and Flexibility

Stephen Davies (University of East Anglia and CCP)

Stephen Davies (University of East Anglia and CCP) and Peter Ormosi (University of East Anglia and CCP): Assessing Competition Policy: Methodologies, Gaps and Agenda for Future Research (Peter Ormosi)

Tomaso Duso (Heinrich-Heine University and DICE)

Tomaso Duso (Heinrich-Heine University and DICE): Measuring Competition Policy and its Economic Impact

Jiajia Gao (De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek)

Jiajia Gao (De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek): Competition Law in China: From Merger Control Onwards

C.G. Hariprasad (Competition Commission of India)

C.G. Hariprasad (Competition Commission of India): Effects of Entry Deterrent Strategies on Size Distribution of Firms in the Indian Manufacturing

Shuya Hayashi (Nagoya University Graduate School of Law)

Shuya Hayashi (Nagoya University Graduate School of Law): The Role of Competition Law and Policy in Developing Countries

Marc Ivaldi (Toulouse School of Economics)

Aleksandra Khimich (Toulouse School of Economics), Marc Ivaldi (Toulouse School of Economics) and Frederic Jenny (ESSEC Business School): Measuring the Economic Effects of Cartels in Developing Countries

Joseph Kieyah (Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis)

Joseph Kieyah (Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis): Study on the Petroleum Industry in Kenya

Rajinder Kumar (Competition Commission of India)

Rajinder Kumar (Competition Commission of India) and Praachi Mishra (Competition Commission of India): Imperative of a Competition Policy: Notes from India

John Kwoka (Northeastern University)

John Kwoka (Northeastern University) and Dan Greenfield (Northeastern University): Merger Policy in Operation: Lessons for Emerging Economies

Nina Leheyda ( ZEW Centre for European Economic Research)

Nina Leheyda (ZEW Centre for European Economic Research): Economic Methods and Concepts in the Competition Analysis of the New EU Member States: Lessons from Latvia

Francisco Marcos (IE Law School)

Francisco Marcos (IE Law School): Competition Law in Developing Countries: The Influence of Multinational Enterprises

Rosen Marinov (Graduate Institute of International Studies)

Rosen Marinov (Graduate Institute of International Studies): Competitive Pressure in Transition: A Role for Trade and Competition Policies?

Kamisha Menns (UNCTAD)

Decourcey Eversley (Barbados Fair Trading Commission) and Kamisha Menns (UNCTAD): Optimal Design of CARICOM Competition Commission

Liberty Mncube (Competition Commission of South Africa)

Liberty Mncube (Competition Commission of South Africa) and Avias Ngwenya (Competition Commission of South Africa): South Africa's Pioneer Settlement in Bread and Milling: An Innovative Way to Remedy Competition Law Violations in Developing Countries

Jasminka Pecotic Kaufman (University of Zagreb)

Jasminka Pecotic Kaufman (University of Zagreb): Some Challenges to Successful Competition Enforcement in an EU Candidate Country - Case of Croatia

Jens Prüfer (Tilburg University and TILEC)

Scott Masten (University of Michigan) and Jens Prüfer (Tilburg University and TILEC): On the Evolution of Collective Enforcement Institutions: Communities and Courts

David Stallibrass (Office of Fair Trading)

David Stallibrass (Office of Fair Trading): The Role of Economics in the Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law

Frank Verboven (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)

Frank Verboven (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven): An Economic Framework for Measuring Cartel Damages

Joseph Wilson (Competition Commission of Pakistan)

Joseph Wilson (Competition Commission of Pakistan): Competition Policies for Emerging Economies: Lesson from Pakistan