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Competition & Regulation Meetings (2005-2013)

Cécile Aubert (joint with Patrick Rey and William Kovacic)

The Impact of Leniency Programs on Cartels

Peter van Bergeijk

Some Misconceptions Concerning Bid-Rigging: Sobering Lessons from the Bos-shadow Accounts

Adriaan Braat

Criminal Sanctions for Infringements of Competition Law: A Corporate Governance Perspective

Terry Calvani

Competition Penalties & Damages in a Cartel Context: Criminalization and the Case for Custodial Sentences

Enrico Leonardo Camilli

Optimal and Actual Fines in Cartel Cases: The European Challenge

Andreea Cosnita (joint with Jean-Philippe Tropeano)

Screening Divestitures: Structural Remedies with Asymmetric Information

Tomaso Duso

An Empirical Analysis of EU Merger Remedies

Michael Frese

The Interplay between Leniency and Criminalization: A Legal Perspective

Damien Geradin (joint with David Henry)

The imposition of fines under EC competition law: A critical review of the Commission’s decisional practice and the Community courts’ case-law

Patricia Hanh Rosochowicz

Deterrence and the Relationship between Public and Private Enforcement of Competition Law

Jeroen Hinloopen

The Procollusive Effect of Increased Cartel Detection Probabilities

Foad Hoseinian

Passing-on Damages and Community Antitrust Policy

Marco Lankhorst

Empiricism in Private Enforcement

Hans Maks (joint with Iwan Bos and Maarten Pieter Schinkel)

Asymmetric Deterrence Incentives in Antitrust Remedies: The Case of the Netherlands Competition Authority’s Fining Guidelines

Francisco Marcos

The Enforcement of Antitrust Laws in Spain: A Critical Assessment of the Fines and Enforcement Policy of the Competition Authority

Robert C. Marshall (joint with Leslie M. Marx and Matthew E. Raif)

Cartel Price Announcements: The Vitamins Industry

Andrei Medvedev

Structural Remedies in Merger Regulation in a Cournot Framework

Christian Miege

Private Antitrust Enforcement in the EU and the 7th Amendment of the German GWB

Evgenia Motchenkova

Effects of Leniency Programs on Cartel Stability

Nick Nolden

Simulation Techniques for Calculating Business Damages

Norbert Reich

The “Courage”-doctrine: Encouraging or Discouraging Compensation for Antitrust Injuries

Antonis Roussos

Private Antitrust Enforcement in Arbitration Proceedings: Theory and Practice

Jakob Rüggeberg

Private Enforcement of Competition Law in the EU: Efficiency Arguments for Vertical Chain Class Action Suits in Private Damage Claims

Jan Tuinstra (joint with Maarten Pieter Schinkel and Jakob Rueggenberg)

Illinois Walls

Markus Walzl

An Analysis of Corporate Leniency Programs and Lessons to Learn for US and EU Policies

Nonthika Wehmhörner

Optimal Fining Policies and the US and EU Fining Guidelines

Jun Zhou

Leniency as a Principal Agent Problem