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Former visiting scholars

Lavinia Palombo, (Fall 2022)

Madison Condon, JD (short-term visitor, Fall 2022)

Dr. Katarzyna Parchimowicz (Fall 2022)

Dr. Suren Gomtsian (Spring - Summer 2022) 

Dr. Hossein Nabilou (Spring - Winter 2021-2022)

Dr. Tommaso Ubertazzi, (Joint with IvIR, Fall 2021)

Dr. Francesca Cappellieri (Spring 2020)

Dr. Roni Laakso (Fall 2019)

Prof. Adam Badawi (Late Summer - Fall 2019)

Prof. Kenneth Ayotte (Fall 2016)

Prof. Edward R. Morrison (Spring 2015)

Dr. Kristoffel Grechenig (Spring 2014)

Prof. Avraham Tabbach (Fall 2011 - Start 2014)

Dr. Mattia Suardi (Visiting PhD-student, Fall 2012)

Dr. Paul H. Schure (2009-2010)

Dr. Francesco Russo (2006-2007)

Dr. Jakob Rüggeberg (2006-2008)

Dr. Andreas Mattig (Spring and Summer 2010)

Prof. John Kwoka Jr. (Fall 2008)

Prof. Kai-Uwe Kühn (Summer 2009)

Dr. Andrea Günster (2006-2007)

Prof. Nuno Garoupa (Spring and Summer 2006)

Prof. Roberto Galbiati (Spring and Summer 2006)

Prof. Tim Friehe (Fall 2009)

Prof. Dominique Demougin (2007)

Prof. Roger Congleton (Summer 2008)

Prof. Gilbert Marcus Cole (2008-2009)

Prof. Emanuela Carbonara (Spring 2008)