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Forensics Workshop Papers and Presentations - parallel sessions (as available)

Parallel Sessions
Competition & Regulation Meetings (2005-2013)

Andre Andeweg (Netherlands Competition Authority)

The interest and legal base for digital investigation

Xander Beenhakkers (Netherlands Competition Authority)

Digital evidence gathering

Peter van Bergeijk (Netherlands Competition Authority)

On the alleged invisibility of the Dutch construction cartels (joint with P. Meulmeester (Netherlands Competition Authority) and R. van der Laan (Netherlands Competition Authority))

Vincent Berk (Dartmouth College)

Process query systems for cartel detection

Patrick Beschorner (Center for European Economic Research)

Assessing the efficiency claim in European merger policy

Michiel Bijlsma (Netherlands Competition Authority)

Committing to raise expectations: The interplay between competition authorities and cartels

Jan Boone (Tilburg University)

Measuring competition in the Dutch economy (joint with Jan van Ours (Tilburg University) and Henry van der Wiel (Central Planning Bureau and Tilburg University))

Joan-Ramon Borrell (Universitat de Barcelona)

Choosing among American, European, or no antitrust at all

Iwan Bos (University of Amsterdam)

Tracing the base: A topographic test to detect collusive basing-point pricing (joint with Maarten Pieter Schinkel (University of Amsterdam))

Theon van Dijk (Antwerp University)

Passing-on Defence and the “Output Effect” in Cartel Damages Claims (joint with Frank Verboven (Universiteit van Leuven))

Wim Driehuis (University of Amsterdam)

The proper measurement of profitability in competition cases: the Dutch experience

Beatrice Dumont (University of Rennes)

Tacit versus overt collusion: Is there a “Yalta” on the French mobile phone market? (joint with Marc Baudry (University of Rennes))

Fabio Massimo Esposito (Italian Competition Authority)

Variance screens for detecting collusion: an application for two cartel cases in Italy (joint with Massimo Ferrero (Italian Competition Authority))

Simona Fabrizi (Universidad del Pais Vasco)

How much efficiency gains and price reductions to put as ingredients into an efficiency defense? ‘Quanto Basta’ (joint with Steffen Lippert (IUI Stockholm))

Hans Friederiszick (EC DG Competition) and Frank Maier-Rigaud (EC DG Competition)

An economic methodology for initiating ex-officio cartel investigations

Eliana Garces (EC DG Competition)

Promoting empirical analysis in competition policy investigations (joint with Peter Davis (London School of Economics))

Vivek Ghosal (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Dynamic interrelationships in the process of criminal antitrust investigations

Paul Grout (University of Bristol)

Profitability measures and competition law (joint with Anna Zalewska (University of Bath))

Maria Jakobsson (Stockholm University)

Bid rigging in Swedish procurement auctions

Peter Lewisch (University of Vienna)

Economic analysis of antitrust law: Question of fact or question of law?

Nicola Mazzarotto (UK Competition Commission)

Price-concentration analysis in merger cases involving differentiated products (joint with Walter Beckert (UK Competition Commission))

Hans Theo Normann (University of London)

The effects of cartel policy: Evidence from the German cable industry

Eileen Reed (CapAnalysis)

Use and abuse of regression in determining damages in antitrust (joint with Mark Glueck (CapAnalysis))

Pierluigi Sabbatini (Italian Competition Authority)

How to simulate the coordinated effect of a merger

Albert Sánchez Graells (Instituto de Empresa & EconLaw)

Discovery, confidentiality and disclosure of evidence under the private enforcement of EU antitrust rules

Georges Siotis (Universidad Carlos III Madrid)

Computing abuse related damages in the case of new entry: An illustration for the directory enquiry services market (joint with Maite Martinez-Granado (Universidad de Alicante))

Richard Wainwright (Allen & Overy)

Competition Proceedings before the ECJ: The role of
Economic Concepts and Economic Analysis

Mike Walker (CRA)

The potential for significant inaccuracies in merger simulation models