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Strategic Interaction Workshop Papers and Presentations (as available)

Svetlana Avdasheva (Higher School of Economics, Moscow)

Adoption of the New Law On Protection of Competition in Russia: Can we Explain Changes and Amendment by Strategic Interaction Logic
Full paper Presentation

Iwan Bos (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

Leniency and Cartel Size: A Note on how Self-reporting Nurtures Collusion in Concentrated Markets
Full paper

Sylvain Bourjade (Toulouse Business School)

Private Antitrust Enforcement
Full paper Presentation

Oliver Budzinski (Phillips-University of Marburg)

The Analysis of Coordinated Effects in EU Merger Control: Where Do We Stand after Sony/BMG and Impala?
Full paper

Stephen Calkins (Wayne State University Law School)

Private Interests and Public Antitrust Enforcement

Andreea Cosnita (Université de Paris I Panthéon, Sorbonne)

Do Remedies Affect the Efficiency Defense? An Optimal Merger Control Analysis
Full paper Presentation

Emilie Dargaud (Université Lumière Lyon 2)

Mergers and Collusion with Asymmetric Capacities
Full paper Presentation

Adriaan Denkers (FIOD-ECD Netherlands Tax Authority)

Enhancing Compliance
Abstract Presentation

Theon van Dijk (University of Antwerp)

Banning Price Discrimination by Dominant Firms
Full paper Presentation

Sean F. Ennis (OECD)

Turning up the Volume: Hearing Aid Regulation in the U.S.
Abstract Presentation

Inbal Faibish (University of Haifa)

Six Principles for Limiting Government-Facilitated Restraints on Competition
Full paper Presentation

Arnaud Féral (Université de Cergy-Pontoise, THEMA)

Merger Control With Transfers from the Capital Gains Tax, and Asset Divestments
Full paper Presentation

Vivek Ghosal (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Competition Assessments and Regulatory Reform
Abstract Presentation

Marie Goppelsröder (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

Corporate Leniency Programs in the Cartel Lifecycle: “Cleaning out the Closet”
Abstract Presentation

Paul Gorecki (Irish Competition Authority)

Private vs. Public Interest: The Strategic Use of Competition Law in Ireland by Private Interests

Jesko Herre (University of Cologne)

The Impact of Antitrust Policy on Collusion with Imperfect Monitoring
Full paper Presentation

Kai Hüschelrath (Centre for European Economic Research, ZEW)

On The Importance Of Speed In Antitrust Enforcement
Abstract Presentation

Morten Hviid (University of East Anglia)

Competition Law Enforcement: The “Free-Riding” Plaintiff and Incentives for the Revelation of Private Information
Full paper Presentation

Pieter Kalbfleisch (Netherlands Competition Authority)


Marco Lankhorst (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

Improving Accuracy in Effects-Based Analysis: An Incentive-Oriented Approach
Full paper Presentation

Cecil Duncan MacRae (Singapore Management University)

Individual exemptions and the strategic threat of exit: the case of airline joint service agreements
Abstract Presentation

Antoine Masson (University of Luxembourg)

The Crucial Role of Legal Capital for the Formation of Legal Strategies

R. Preston McAfee (California Institute of Technology)

Public and Private Antitrust Enforcement: A Strategic Analysis
Full paper Full paper 2 Presentation

Andrei Medvedev (University of East Anglia)

Bargaining Over Remedies in Merger Regulation
Full paper Presentation

Christian Montet (LAMETA, University of Montpellier I)

Protecting Antitrust Agencies From Special Interest Influences: Lessons From The French Case
Abstract Presentation

Evgenia Motchenkova (Free University Amsterdam)

To Protect in order to Serve: Adverse Effect of Leniency Programs in View of Industry Asymmetry
Full paper Presentation

Anissa Naouar (ATER, University of Paris X)

Early Warning Detection of Banking Difficulty Can Commercial European Banks Fail?

Antonio Nicita (University of Siena)

Antitrust as a Signal towards Financial Markets: ‘Long-Purse’ Revisited

Sander Onderstal (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

Fighting Collusion in Auctions
Abstract Presentation

Mario Pagliero (University of Turin)

The Impact of Potential Labor Supply on Licensing Exam Difficulty in the US Market for Lawyers
Full paper Presentation

Pedro Pereira (Autoridade da Concurrência)

The Impact on Broadband Access to the Internet of the Dual Ownership of Telephone and Cable Networks
Full paper Presentation

Andreas Reindl (Fordham University)

Plea Bargaining In The Shadow of 1 1/2 Trials: Settlement Negotiations In Cartel Proceedings In Light of Follow-On Private Litigation

An Renckens (University of Antwerp)

Decision-making in Merger Control: Communication between Merging Parties and the Competition Authority
Full paper Presentation

Maarten Pieter Schinkel (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

Introduction Presentation

Evan Schouten (Charles River Associates International)

Competition Down Under: Seven Network Limited & Anor v News Limited & Ors
Full paper

Jarig van Sinderen (Netherlands Competition Authority)

Dimensions of Strategic Behavior to the Competition Law: Some Dutch Experiences
Abstract Presentation Paper

Igor Sloev (University of Madrid, Carlos III)

Market-Share Discounts And Incentives In A Vertically Related Industry
Abstract Presentation

Adriaan Soetevent (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

Trust And Recidivism: The Partial Success Of Corporate Leniency Programs In The Laboratory
Full paper Presentation

Giancarlo Spagnolo (Stockholm School of Economics)

The cost of inappropriate interventions/non interventions under Article 82

Full Paper


David Stallibrass (Office of Fair Trading)

Predictability and Impact: An Event Study Analysis of the OFT's Investigations under the 1998 Competition Act
Abstract Presentation

Christian Steiner (WHU, Otto Beisheim School of Management)

How Structural Merger Remedies Should be Implemented

Bertrand Villeneuve (CREST, Université de Tours)

Re-issuing Cards: Regulation and Competition in a Capacity Accumulation Gam
Full paper Presentation

Bert Willems (Tilburg University)

Market Power Mitigation By Contracts
Full paper Presentation

Jun Zhou (Tilburg University)

Optimal Tests for Strategic Antitrust Sham Litigation
Abstract Presentation